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Joburg Word Factory. Lifestyle and decor blogger and copy writer in Johannesburg, South Africa

Joburg Word Factory

The reason you want to hire a qualified copywriter over someone with a background in a certain field, who say they can write, is that you want your audience to actually understand your message.

Copywriters have been educated in the way audiences consume media.  They also know the importance of conducting thorough research and providing faultless copy.  Their in-depth understanding of the language and unique ability to select and combine the precise words, means your audience receives a neatly packaged message in a form they want to consume.

Belinda (Schoombie) Fourie

I am Joburg Word Factory, and I see a potential adventure in every piece of copywriting.

I graduated from the University of the Free State with degrees in Journalism & Media Studies; Drama & Theatre Arts; and a major in English Classical Languages.

My writing career however started in 2006 as journalist and then News Editor at the university newspaper.  Apart from freelancing as a writer, I have since worked as a

  • Above- and below-the-line business and copy writer for Telesure Investment Holdings (Auto&General, Dial Direct, 1st for Women)
  • PR account manager for an ICT (information communications technology) agency
  • Social media writer for Gloo, an award winning ad agency, and First National Bank 

Currently I run my own decor company and blog, Tassels & Tigers Interiors (I'm also a qualified interior decorator), manage its social media pages, and write for two other major home and lifestyle blogs, Big City Life and Homeology.  I'm a lover of literature, the arts, animals, adventure, and a healthy lifestyle. 

Look professional.  Respect your readers.  Hire a professional copywriter!




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